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S Lakshmminarayanan

Welcome to our website as an industrial vastu & engineering consultant!

Vastu Shastra is an ancient science bridging magnificent nature with life of human beings, teaches how to ensure a happy life and escape the uncertainty and unpleasant happenings man faces in his life.

By following Vastu principles one can achieve happiness, financial improvement, all-round growth, children's education, daughters marriage, promotion in service, progress in political career, enlargement of business, overcome the sickness of asthma, acidity, piles and cancer etc.

Designing your project based on ancient Vastu Shastra concepts is now possible. We are practicing as a vastu consultant for more than 2 decades, with an ancestral origin for the profession and a qualified engineering background.

Late Mr S. Lakshmminarayan started practicing this profession by the blessings of his father Late Mr. Shamachar. He uses to practice this profession since 1950 as a Panditji, and he use to suggest to his followers around his village and town. Mr S. Lakshamminarayan gathered the knowledge and continued this from the year 1993. He started practicing with more logical and scientific basis.  Today the third generation continuing by Mr L.  Narasimhan, is using the same methods and applications of his beloved family tradition.

We offer our services to industrial projects, engineering, commercial, residential and educational projects.   Our learned experts identify the errors and frame out the possible grounds for negative energy in the area and provide viable solutions. That correct the defects and restore natural balance and harmony in the living place & work space.

We are glad to offer our services with scientific justification by arranging visits to implement vastu in practice. We shall give Complete Consultancy for your Industries like, Commercial Stores, Showrooms, Open Plots, Residential flats and Construction of Apartments with details on a scientific technical base. We will also offer the layout plans for new industries.

Five Elements of Vasty: Space