Residential Vastu Consultant

Residential Vastu Consultancy

The term “Vastu” applies to its literal meaning to residential constructions. The term “Vas” or “Vaas” is a verb, which means “to reside”. Thus “Vastu” is the place to reside in. Residence is a place where people live most of their time and spend a long time to be in it. This place where families live together in harmony, essentially needs to connect with nature and its elements. Our vastu consultancy (Vastu Shastra) services help families to bond with natural forces and achieve overall progress of happiness, health, wealth and prosperity.

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Vastu principles for residential constructions are mainly about laying down the specific location and orientation of different blocks of home. These include the following,

  • Location of Bedroom
  • Location of Living room
  • Location of Washrooms
  • Location of Kitchen
  • Location of Dining
  • Location of Pooja place

For Residential Projects we provide suggestions for the following,

  • Layout of Buildings
  • Process of Construction
  • Location of Building Materials
  • Project Office Location
  • Procedures

Five Elements of Vastu: EARTH