Industrial Vastu Consultancy

Industrial Vastu Consultancy


We provide Vastu consultancy services to many types of industries.  Industries are set-up for making progress of employers and employees. They need positive energy to energize environment of the company. So that they can achieve more production with right efforts and improve the growth of the company.

Vastu consultancy given by us has benefitted many industries like Automobiles, Chemical, Engineering, Sugar Industry, Food Processing Industry etc. Vastu principles applied to industrial constructions are inherited from nature and contribute to the success of business.  Our expertise and consultancy is based on vastu principles with scientific approach that harmonizes the natural energy for industrial construction.

Our work starts with analysing the land with respect to its geographic location, orientation and topography. Further, we provide suggestions about developing the land and layout of the plant.

Vastu Consultancy Services cover planning of the following, Send Enquiry

  • Industries
  • Plant Layout
  • Production Area
  • Finished Goods Area
  • Raw Material Area
  • Administration Office
  • Production Office

Vastu for factory

We give advice for planning the layout of factories with respect to the installation of various units like boiler, process equipment, ETP, cooling tower, water tank, raw material location, finished goods location etc.  This is made after a careful analysis of land based on vastu principles.

Vastu for Sick industry

We provide suggestions for corrections in property as per Vastu Shastra. Which helps to convert sick industries into profit making industry. These changes in vastu attract positive energy and thus increases business.

Vastu consultancy for Industrial construction

It is also our job to provide consultation for construction of industrial projects so that the project can be completed fast and economically.  During construction there are many procedures of execution as per Vastu principal.

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