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Vastu Consultation Service

Our Vastu Consultation provides the best benefits to proposed & existing business properties, industries & residential properties.

Suggestions for new projects Send Enquiry

We provide suggestions to new projects in the following manner,

Vastu Consultancy at the stage of Land, Building or office selection

The first stage is the land, building or office selection which involves inspecting the plot and its surroundings to assure if it supports the endeavors of the prospective buyer.  For some properties, construction work may have begun. The available options are limited to the selection of a most suitable units based on location, orientation and layout of the property within the development.  At this stage correct selection helps to buy a fundamentally right property.

Vastu Consultancy at the stage of Designing the Property

After finalizing the property, the next stage is a designing of the property as per Vastu. Appropriate recommendations can be made in the design to ensure your property supports the specific business requirements for growth, expansion and harmony.

Vastu consultancy services for Ready or Existing Properties Send Enquiry

Here you have just taken possession of the property and want to carry out interior or renovation work to optimize the Vastu vibrations of the property within the constraints of the existing structure. We will be suggesting about points like the smooth flow of energy in the property, proper utilization of space, correct placement and orientation of the main door, cabins, manufacturing divisions, power stations, canteen and such other aspects.

On-site Services for new as well as existing properties Send Enquiry

We visit the property and make a thorough assessment of the internal as well as external environment of the property. This involves taking accurate magnetic field orientation, analyzing the shape and size of the property & much more.  The area is then checked if it is perfect as per Vastu and as per your needs.  At the end of the consultation we provide you all suggestions and recommendations about property.

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